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AFS-design - Airbus A330/A340 - Family v2

AFS-design - Airbus A330/A340 - Family v2


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The Airbus A330 is a twin-engined wide-body Airbus A340 and is a four-engined wide-body aircraft produced by AirbusIndustries. Both models have many features and components, and differ essentially only by the number of trie works. You are designed as long-haul aircraft. Both aircraft have modern turbofan engines with high bypass ratio and are the first Flight course with a modern fly-by-wire controls in a two-man cockpit. The first flight of 4 four-engine A340-300 version took place on 25 October 1991 and the twin-engine A330-300 version took place on 2 November 1992. Final assembly of the Airbus A330 and A340 in Toulouse by place on a street clock. As of July 2010 from the Airbus A330 were a total of 710 of 1092 aircraft ordered and delivered from the Airbus A340 delivered a total of 374 of 380 of the aircraft ordered, 369 of which are still in service are.

New in AIRBUS A330/A340 - Family v2:

- External cockpit section
- Winglets
- 3D elements in the virtual cockpit:
- Window frame, pilot seats
- Use 3D switch
- Gauges: Radar Height, Seatbelt, No Smoke
- Light switches
- MFD's now very easy to read
- Flaps
- Flight dynamic with stall limit
- Trim features
- Texture improvements
- Sound
- New repaint Air Canada

The new AFS-design Add-On contains the following models:

- AIRBUS A330 - 200
- AIRBUS A330 - 300
- AIRBUS A340 - 200
- AIRBUS A340 - 300
- AIRBUS A340 - 500
- AIRBUS A340 - 600
- Also includes the Airbus A330 cabin interior model

These are equipped with a variety of liveries:

- Industrie House A330-200/300 A340-200/300/500/600
- Air Berlin A330-300 A340-300
- Lufthansa A330-300 A340-300/500/600
- Swiss International A330-300 A340-300/500/600
- Air France A330-200 A340-200/500/600
- LAN Airlines A330-300 A340-300
- United Airlines A330-200 A340-200
- US Airways A330-300 A340-300
- China Airlines A330-300 A340-300
- British Airways A330-200 A340-300/500/600
- Qantas A330-300 A340-300/500/600
- Emirates Airline A330-300 A340-300/500/600
- Virgin Atlantic A330-300 A340-300/500/600
- Korean Air A330-200 A340-200
- Malaysia A330-200 A340-200
- Quatar Airways A330-200 A340-200
- Thai Tailand A330-200/300 A340-200/300/500/600
- Singapore Airlines A330-200 A340-200
as well as
- Ground paint A330-200 A340-200
- Repaint-textures A330-200/300 A340-200/300/500/600

All models have a fully functional cockpit:

- 2 Primär-Flight-Displays and 2 Multifunctionsdisplays
- 2 switchable EICAS Displays
- Center console with FMC, radio controls with transponders, trim wheel, throttle and engine control
- Upper panel with about 100 real deposited switches
- "Seatbelt" and "no-Smoking" sign with acoustic sound
- Autopilot features: ILS, FD, ALT, VS, HDG, NAV, SPeeD, Mach, Loc, Autothrottle/ Master, QNH
- 2D-Panel in the resolution 1280x720 px / 3D-Panel with high-resolution 1024x1024 px textures

FMC ( Flight Managment Computer ):

- New FMC for the Airbus A330 Family
- 15 differents menus
- Gauge of miscellaneous flightparameter
- Use of flightplan
- Calculation of courses analogical wind, highlevel and aerodrome of destination
- Follow of waypoints
- Coursegauge and autopilotcontrol

Other features:

- All models are for the Microsoft Flight Simulator FS2004 and FSX
- Detailed external and internal model including Virtual Cockpit with a friendly co - pilot
- Animations in the external model: flaps, slats, spoilers, three cabin doors and two hatches, animate gear
- Extensive lighting effects of windows and exterior lighting
- Exterior lighting: Beacon-, Strobes-, Nav-, Landing- and Taxi- Lights
- Virtual Cockpit: panel light, window reflections, highly detailed, including avionics for radio navigation
- Panel with FMC ( Flight Managment Computer ) and GPS ( Global Positioning System )
- Engine thrust reverser including animation and realistic flight dynamics
- All models with ATC-ID sign in the cockpit and exterior models.
- New textures (1024*1024) with specular shine, night lighting and Alpha technology
- Record sound of original Rolls Royce TREND 900 engines

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AFS-design - Airbus A330/A340 - Family v2

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